15 Opportunities for Free Online Education

A reader just forwarded me an interesting article entitled “15 Inspiring Examples of Free Online Education” by OnlineCollege.org. They list a number of gems ranging from online open academies, free resources, and courses offered by world-renowned institutions. They are geared towards beginners, early learners, returning students, and advanced levels of education:

  1. Khan Academy
  2. MIT Open Courseware
  3. Berkeley Webcast
  4. Tufts Open Courseware
  5. Open Courseware Consortium
  6. Academic Earth
  7. Textbook Revolution
  8. Project Gutenberg
  9. iTunes U
  10. The Open University
  11. Watch, Know, Learn
  12. The University of the People
  13. TED
  14. Wikiversity (I’m trying to find the time to be a contributed here)
  15. Instructables

You can find some wonderful information on nearly any topic, free books, supplements for student learning, and more!

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About Jennifer Carey

My name is Jennifer Carey and I am a student and educator of the human condition. I have long studied history, trained in archaeology, and found a passion in the field of education. As a long-time lover of technology (my father bought our family our first Apple IIe when I was three), I love technology and what it can bring to the classroom. I have taught at various Universities for many years as well as educating gifted teenagers through the Johns Hopkins program, the Center for Talented Youth. I am currently the Director of Educational Technology at the Ransom Everglades School (a secular independent school) in Miami, Fl. I also have a few educational podcasts on iTunes from my days teaching at TCU: The Ancient City of Rome, Classical Archaeology (2008), Classical Archaeology (2009), Introduction to Classical Myth, and Ancient Eats. They’re enhanced (so you get the PowerPoints along with the vocal), but please excuse the poor audio editing. Feel free to Email Me or follow me on twitter.
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15 Responses to 15 Opportunities for Free Online Education

  1. Hi Jennfer – These sites seem to be great virtual resources. I took a quick look and the MIT site has courses designed especially for high school students. Pretty neat!

    • There are some really awesome and free resources out there! I love iTunes U (especially the new app – I need to write about that) because you can have your students who are in college prep classes listen to, say, a lecture from Stanford or you can go to their specialized K-12 section and use those lessons and formats. Great for those looking at “flipped classrooms.”

  2. I will take a look at the iTunes I. I am new to blogging (just started today) so I’m excited to integrate technology into my teaching. Thanks again for the great tip!

  3. Reblogged this on Learn From A Teacher and commented:
    It’s exciting to see how many free online tools are starting to pop up for students and teachers alike.

  4. Pawel says:

    There are also Stanford’s online classes. The list of courses is at the bottom of every class page (for example here: http://www.cs101-class.org/ ). They’re mostly computers-related but few exception can be found.

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  7. Thanks for this list. It is very much useful and impressive certainly.

  8. I think you missed another great website for free courses http://freevideolectures.com

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  11. ilovesorbet1 says:

    Hi Jen, thanks for the information! I am a teacher and I work for a tutoring agency in NYC. My kids can really benefit this. Going to pass this along! Hopefully you don’t mind if I forward this site to my student’s email ?

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