Debunking the Myth of the Inherently “Mean Girl” – Humans Weren’t Born Nasty

Today, Discovery news highlighted that the fact that, contrary to the assertions of scientists a decade ago, human beings are not ‘naturally nasty.’ In fact, humans regularly engage in cooperate behavior

“… human children — and most higher animals — are “moral” in a scientific sense, because they need to cooperate with each other to reproduce and pass on their genes,” he said.

“Human morality is unthinkable without empathy.”

So, mean girls (and boys) of the world – sorry, you weren’t just born that way. Human begins are inherently cooperative and social. If you don’t believe me, check out the article in Discovery News.

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About Jennifer Carey

My name is Jennifer Carey and I am a student and educator of the human condition. I have long studied history, trained in archaeology, and found a passion in the field of education. As a long-time lover of technology (my father bought our family our first Apple IIe when I was three), I love technology and what it can bring to the classroom. I have taught at various Universities for many years as well as educating gifted teenagers through the Johns Hopkins program, the Center for Talented Youth. I am currently the Director of Educational Technology at the Ransom Everglades School (a secular independent school) in Miami, Fl. I also have a few educational podcasts on iTunes from my days teaching at TCU: The Ancient City of Rome, Classical Archaeology (2008), Classical Archaeology (2009), Introduction to Classical Myth, and Ancient Eats. They’re enhanced (so you get the PowerPoints along with the vocal), but please excuse the poor audio editing. Feel free to Email Me or follow me on twitter.
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2 Responses to Debunking the Myth of the Inherently “Mean Girl” – Humans Weren’t Born Nasty

  1. Jim Wheeler says:

    This makes perfect sense to me, including when de Waal said,

    “Morality” developed in humans in small communities, he said, adding: “It’s a challenge… it’s experimental for the human species to apply a system intended for (in-groups) to the whole world.”

    We evolved as hunter-gatherers in small groups. It’s little wonder that tribal sizes of thousands, much less millions, don’t work as well. Even the GOP’s various factions can’t seem to get along. Give us a few more thousand years and we might work it out. :wink:

  2. Nice to see a social worker’s perspective about humanity.

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