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Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2012

Today, Archaeology Magazine has rolled out its “Top 10 Discoveries of 2012.” The list includes (in no particular order): Maya Sun God Mask Neanderthal Medicine Chest First Use of Poison Aztec Ritual Burial Caesar’s Gallic Outpost Europe’s Oldest Engraving The … Continue reading

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Pre-Cursor to Stonehenge Located in Northern Scotland

Archaeologists working on the Orkney Islands, one of the northernmost regions of Scotland, have uncovered a stone-age complex that they believe to be a precursor to Stonehenge. The ritual center called the “Ness of Brodgar” predates Stonehenge by at least … Continue reading

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Teenage Girl’s Grave Found Near Neolithic Henge in England

The burial of a teenage girl has been discovered by archaeologists in Kent England, near a neolithic henge site. The graves of two other women (in their 20s and 30s) were also located near the site. Archaeologists are excited about … Continue reading

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Tomb Found at Stonehenge Quarry Site

Archaeologists have recently uncovered a Tomb at the Quarry site for the stones used to construct Stonehenge. The Neolithic grave is adjacent to a ceremonial center located at the quarry (identified in 2008). “The important thing is that we have … Continue reading

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