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Huge amounts of new World War One goodies

Originally posted on History Tech:
Several years ago we got it with tons of American Civil War stuff because of the 150th anniversary thing. We’re about to get hit again with the 100th anniversary of World War One. Get a…

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Six Sites for Primary Source Materials

It is officially August and most educators are beginning to feel the pressure that is the beginning of school. As we start to look at rosters and enrollment, we start to pull out and revamp old lesson plans and search … Continue reading

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Eight Little Known Facts About the Civil War

Smithsonian Magazine Highlights the top 8 little known, obscure, and sometimes just odd facts regarding the American Civil War. The odd facts include: The brothers Chang and Eng Bunker (the famed “Siamese Twins”) were drafted in the war. “Rectal Acorns” were used … Continue reading

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Archaeology Magazine Highlights a Civil War Shipwreck, the Mary Celeste

This month’s Archaeology Magazine highlights the Civil War Shipwreck of the Mary Celeste off the coast of Bermuda. The steamship Mary Celeste sunk off the coast of Bermuda on September 6, 1864. Archaeologists of the Waitt Institute in conjunction with NOAA have … Continue reading

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Scientists Identify “Black Death” as Yersinia pestis Bacteria

A team of German and Canadian scientists have identified the Yersinia pestis bacteria as the culprit in the Black Death (the plague that swept Europe and Asia killing 1/3 of the population). By examining DNA bacteria from medieval plague victims, … Continue reading

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Watch African-American Jesse Owens Win 100m at the “Nazi Olympics”

I came across a great video of famous African American athlete Jesse Owens (courtesy of that depicts the Olympic legend (and personal her of mine) winning the final for the 100m. Jesse Owens represented the United States during the 1936 Summer … Continue reading

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Unearthing the Hidden Tunnels of WWI

The trench warfare of World War I has almost entered the world of legend with stories of troops living in quarters two feet wide for months at a time. The realities of it were pain, discomfort, disease, and death. Often over-shadowed … Continue reading

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