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Scientists Identify “Black Death” as Yersinia pestis Bacteria

A team of German and Canadian scientists have identified the Yersinia pestis bacteria as the culprit in the Black Death (the plague that swept Europe and Asia killing 1/3 of the population). By examining DNA bacteria from medieval plague victims, … Continue reading

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New Study Lets Rats off the Hook for the Black Death

Archaeologists studying the Bubonic Plague in London have determined that the evidence from plague burials and water-front graves suggest that the disease was spread from human to human contact (rather than from flea infested rats). “The evidence just isn’t there … Continue reading

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Warmer, Wetter Weather Exacerbated the Plague

Scientists working in China have recently linked climate conditions with outbreaks of the plague bacteria, Yersinia pestis. Plague bacteria is primarily spread by fleas that reside on rodents. During warm, wet months there is more vegetation growth which means an abundance … Continue reading

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