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Dogs Use Humans as Tools

The domestication of dogs is one of the few universal domestication events – everywhere that you find humans, you find dogs. Human beings have inarguably benefited from the domesticated of canines. Dogs are used as: hunting aids, herding animals, guards, … Continue reading

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New Fossils Provide Further Insight into the Domestication of Dogs

Dogs are the oldest and most universally domesticated animals on Earth. New studies of a 33,000 year old dog skull fossil have revealed new insight into the domestication of man’s best friend. The newly discovered skull reveals that this species … Continue reading

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33,000 Year Old Dog Skull Found in Siberia

A well-preserved 33,000 year old skull belonging to a dog in the early stages of domestication was found in the Atal Mountains of Siberia. Dogs and humans have long enjoyed a unique relationship – with dogs theoretically being the earliest … Continue reading

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