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The 3 Most Important Words: “I Don’t Know”

I love listening to podcasts! In fact, I hardly listen to the radio any more. Instead, I plug in my SmartPhone and cruise listening to an episode about comedy, literature, history, technology, and the broader world at large. Most recently, … Continue reading

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Mobile Learning Conference

Mobile Learning has become a hot topic in education, especially on the heels of recent publications demonstrating that nearly 40% of teenagers have access to a Smart Phone device (with many anticipating a purchase in the near future). In June, Ed Tech … Continue reading

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“The Neuroscience of Teaching and Learning” – David Eagleman

The next talk was presented by Dr. David Eagleman, a neuroscientist and author of the book Sum and Incognito. He was also featured on the Colbert Report – you can see that clip here. His talks focus was on the ideas … Continue reading

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