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Interactive Timeline – History of Vaccines

My students are currently working on a research project and one just introduced me to a very cool source, an interactive timeline courtesy of the History of Vaccines. The timeline presents information on the history of disease, treatment, and prevention … Continue reading

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The Impact of Vaccines on Childhood Illness

Vaccines have been controversial for the last decade or so. While many will continue to debate their value, one element about vaccines cannot be argued: They have had a profound impact on childhood illness and mortality. See the infographic below … Continue reading

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Roman-era Shipwreck Reveals Ancient Medical Practices

Medical supplies recovered from a ship that went down around 130 BCE off the coast of Tuscany. The ship was recovered in 1974 and excavated in 1989, but it wasn’t until recently that the contents of a series of sealed … Continue reading

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Agriculture & Civilization Caused Greater Health Problems & Lower Life-Spans

Any student who took Anthropology 101 with me should remember our lecture over the dawn of agriculture and civilization. In spite of thought to the contrary, civilization did not bring with it toilet paper and toothpaste. In fact, agriculture and … Continue reading

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The Role Ultrasound has Played in Human Sex Selection

Anyone who has had a long-term relationship with western medicine is familiar with the ultrasound. It is perhaps one of the greatest medical tools of our time – it permits doctors to examine the soft tissues of the body harmlessly … Continue reading

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