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Fossilized Foot Sheds New Light on Evolution of Bipedalism

Paleoanthropologists have long looked to early hominids to answer questions about our own development and evolution. The most famous example is the Australopithecus Lucy, who roamed the African savannah more than 3 million years ago. Recently, paleoanthropologists have uncovered a fossilized foot … Continue reading

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Cooking a Nearly Two Million Year Old Practice

Recent excavations and analysis of the molars of Homo erectus and Homo sapiens neanderthalensis suggest that human ancestors began cooking much earlier than originally thought. The introduction of culturally treating food (specifically cooking) directly correlates to smaller molar size in … Continue reading

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Werner Herzog Discusses Film & Archaeology

Famed German film director Werner Herzog was recently granted access to the Chauvet Caves, which he filmed for an soon-to-be released film on paleolithic art in France. The film entitled “The Cave of Forgotten Dreams” focuses on the early peoples of … Continue reading

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Early Pre-Human Societies: Sex-Based Migration Patterns

A new study published in this month’s edition of Nature shows evidence that early hominins (pre-human groups), specifically Australopithecus africanis and Paranthropus robustus demonstrate evidence that the males were more sedentary – often staying within close proximity to their home cave settlements, … Continue reading

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Neanderthal’s Last Refuge

Yesterday, I posted a story about the recent Neanderthal site discovered in Russia. You can re-read it again here. The story has gained a great deal of following and interest.  Check out the latest story on National Geographic and Science News.

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Neanderthal’s Last Refuge

Paleonanthropologists have uncovered one of the most recent (and possibly last) Neanderthal site in the Ural Mountains. At 33,000 year olds, this is the last visual evidence of the existence of Neanderthals (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis), anatomically modern human’s closest relative. … Continue reading

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