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Interactive Infographic: Public Trust in Government

The PEW Research Center has published an interactive infographic exploring the rise and fall of American Citizens’ trust in government. Explore the rise and fall of trust and distrust in the American Government since the 1960’s related to topics such … Continue reading

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Free Online Course: The Kennedy Half Century

The University of Virginia is offering a free online course via iTunes U on the Kennedy Half Century. Larry Sabato, Director of UVA’s Center for Politics, will be exploring the impact of Kennedy Politics on America. The class discussion will be hosted … Continue reading

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Ancient Pompeii’s Social Media

The Roman city of Pompeii was destroyed and buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE. The preserved city allows archaeologists, historians, and Classicists to examine materials far better preserved than a ‘traditional’ archaeological ruin. The graffiti on … Continue reading

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A Don’s Life: A closer look at the Tyrant Slayers

This month, Mary Beard focused her blog (A Don’s Life) on the Tyrant slayers, Harmodius and Aristogeiton. The two Tyrannicides (τυραννοκτόνοι) gained popularity and fame in Ancient Athens for slaying the Peisistratan Tyrant Hipparchus. His brother Hippias would flee to Persia, … Continue reading

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Macedonia Continues Plans to Erect Alexander Statue In Spite of Protests from Greece

The Republic of Macedonia is continuing with its plans to erect a large statue of Alexander the Great, ignoring protests by Greece and modern scholars. Alexander the Great, the famous conquerer of the 4th century BCE, was born in the Kingdom … Continue reading

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