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Digital Tools Help Students’ Creativity & Writing Skills

In spite of popular believe, the results of a new PEW Survey indicate that digital tools improve student writing skills as well as social interactions. Of the AP and NWP (National Writing Project) teachers surveyed: 96% agree (including 52% who … Continue reading

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A (not so) Funny Look at our Educational System

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Are Teachers Under or Over Paid? Four Studies Answer the Question… Kind Of

How well do we pay the teachers of our children? Are they over paid? Are they under paid? Do they work too hard? Do they get too much time off? Do those who ‘can’t do, teach?’ Four studies (by left … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Extraordinary Teacher

The myth of the extraordinary teacher. My good friend and former colleague, Douglas Forasté of California State University at Long Beach, shared this with me today.     Anyone who has met me knows that I love my job. I love … Continue reading

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California Curriculum to Now Include “Homosexual History”

California is the first state in the union to add a component of gay and lesbian history to its curriculum. Advocates are hailing the decision as on par with including sections on other minorities in the curriculum (African Americans, Women, … Continue reading

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Smithsonian Posts Previously Unseen Photographs from Scopes Monkey Trial

The Smithsonian recently discovered previously unpublished photographs from the Scopes Monkey Trial. I recently posted an article marking the anniversary of the trial, “This Day in History – July 10” outlining the significance of the case. You can view these photo’s … Continue reading

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Better Reasons for Using Tablets (via Once and Educator…)

A great blog, Once an Educator, just posted an excellent blog about the role that tablets can play in education. In the Philippines now, there’s been talk of schools adapting the use of tablets for basic education. Tablets, being the … Continue reading

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This Day in History (July 10) – The Scopes Monkey Trial Begins

On July 10, 1925 opening statements began in the famous “Scopes Monkey Trial.” The case, brought against High School Biology teacher John T. Scopes, brought to the forefront the issue of teaching evolution in schools. John Scopes had introduced the controversial … Continue reading

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Is College Worth the Cost?

It’s that time of year when many high school seniors are donning silly hats and listening to clichéd speeches about the future. They are also making decisions about whether or not to attend college. A recent survey released by PEW … Continue reading

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Infographic – U.S. Education vs. the World

Thanks to my twitter colleague @MrPotter (not of Harry Potter fame), I have come across a great infographic that demonstrates how much money the US spends on education and the type of results we get (spoiler: it’s a lot of money … Continue reading

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