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Martin Luther King Day – A Fort Worth Story

Today as I was pursuing the stories of my local news, I came across an interesting story about Civil Rights, segregation, and violent bigotry. Fort Worth, Texas is not a town that comes to mind when one things about the … Continue reading

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Archaeologists in Texas Uncover Prehistoric Hut in San Antonio

Archaeologists working in San Antonio have recently uncovered a hut, dating to approximately 1,500 BCE, along the San Antonio River. This find proves that the natives of Southern Texas (often characterized as ‘primitive’) were in fact living in sophisticated communities … Continue reading

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Juneteenth – Our Other Independence Day (via Smithsonian Magazine)

When I first moved to Texas five years ago, I was introduced to a new Holiday I had never heard of – “Juneteenth.” Everyone spoke about it in the way that you do of references you assume everyone understands, “What … Continue reading

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Public Education in TX: A Round Table Discussion

This month’s Texas Monthly published an article entitled “Night of the Living Ed,” it was the edited transcript of a round table discussion on dealing with Texas’s current debt crisis and the continuation of Public Education. Texas Monthly online presents the … Continue reading

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