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Iron-Age Frat Parties

During the Iron-Age, ‘competitive feasting’ (essentially throwing the biggest, best, and most exciting party) was a key element in developing political and social connections. Archaeologists working Germany for the past ten years have uncovered key feasting elements in graves dating … Continue reading

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Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2011

This month’s Archaeology Magazine highlights the top ten finds of the 2011 Field Season. The list includes: A Viking Boat Burial in Scotland A Neolithic Community in Jordan Open Source Australopithecus in South Africa First Domesticated Dogs in the Czech Republic … Continue reading

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Mass Grave of Massacred Vikings Uncovered in Oxford

A mass grave of at least 35 males (aged 16-25) was uncovered in Oxford in 2008 and is believed to be connected to the St. Brice’s Day massacre ordered by King Ethelred. The bodies were buried unceremoniously and all of the … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Viking Women!

Recent analysis of Viking excavations has brought to light the role of women in what has been historical viewed a male focused culture. The image of the stay-at-home Viking wife and mother has been struck down by recent analysis of … Continue reading

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Viking Burial Shows Warrior Sported Filed Teeth

My friend and former colleague from California State University Long Beach, Douglas Forasté sent me this article today and my fascination with body modification was stirred. Recent excavations of a Viking Burial in Dorset England have revealed that at least one occupant … Continue reading

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