My Current Favorite iPad Educational Apps

This year, my amazing school Trinity Valley funded a grant that enabled me to purchase an iPad (the iPad 1, not the new fangled iPad 2 – but that’s on me as I wouldn’t wait). I then endeavored to find the best applications for use in my History Classroom. Please note that on the iPad 1, adapters do not support screen mirroring, therefore unless an App has specifically been written for VGA output, you can’t project them all on a screen. However, the iPad 2 with the new HD Adapter will mirror the screen (but for iPad 2 only).

This is my current list of favorites, if you have any additions, please add them! This has a bit of a heavy focus on Social Studies applications, but I’ve thrown in a few others.

Twitter for iPad (Free) – Just as it says, the official Twitter application for iPad. If you’re a teacher who tweets (or lurks), you need this one!

Keynote ($9.99) – The iPad version of Apple’s Presentation Software. It will open and edit PowerPoint files.

Numbers ($9.99) – The iPad version of Apple’s Spreadsheet Software. It will open an edit Excel spreadsheets.

Pages ($9.99) – The iPad version of Apple’s word processing softare. It will open and edit Word files.

Prezi (Free) – Create and edit Prezi’s (Presentations) on the iPad. You can learn more about Prezi’s (a cool alternative to traditional PowerPoints) on their website.

Dropbox (Free for 2GB, Paid plans available for more space) – Cloud syncing, backup, and storage! It’s an invaluable tool if you work on multiple computers or collaborate. If you have never used dropbox, you must check it out! It’s one of the most amazing services that currently exists (and it’s free). I currently use it to post my PowerPoints to students, post readings in PDF form, and to have students send me their presentations and homework. You can learn more about and join dropbox from their website here.

Evernote ($5/mo; $45/yr for Premium; Basic is free) – Hard to categorize – think of it as a tool that can catalogue and organize all of your notes, web pages, voice notes, etc. Learn more about evernote and their magical cloud elephants from their webpage.

Penultimate ($0.99) – Notetaking program; record handwritten notes on your iPad; use your iPad as a white board. It’s even better when used with a stylus.

iAnnotate PDF ($9.99) – Powerful PDF Annotating tool.

DocsToGo ($9.99 for basic, $16.99 for Premium) – Anyone who has had a PDA or a SmartPhone for a long time is familiar with Docs to Go. Create and edit Office Documents; Be sure to Note: Does not support VGA. Learn more about dataviz at their website.

Ted Player (Free) – View Ted videos on your iPad

Netflix (Free) – View your Netflix streaming videos on your iPad. Netflix has a huge selection of documentaries available for live streaming.

ABC Player (Free) – View ABC clips and full-length episodes on your iPad

Discovery (Free) – Discovery Channel for the iPad. Lots of great clips and articles.

NASA HD (Free) – The official App of NASA with loads of great science info, updates on NASA news, and great photos.

MoMA (Free) – The Museum of Modern Art Application. Enjoy images of famous works of art as well as information on artists and the context of the Art’s history.

Fotopedia Heritage (Free) – A collection of photos and information on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It has over 25,000 images and 4,000 points of interest. See their content and view their applications on their website as well.

iTranslate (Free) – A simple translator App available for both the iPhone and the iPad. It won’t translate Dostoevsky, but it will teach you how to say “Where’s the bathroom.” (Free) – iPad Dictionary & Thesaurus; the portable version of the online site which includes definitions, pronunciations, and synonyms.

Wikipanion (Free for Basic; $4.99 for Premium) – Wikipedia viewer/reader; Premium will allow you to download articles for later reading.

eHow (Free) – How to do stuff from changing a tire to geocaching.

Google Earth (Free) – Google Earth viewer for the iPad. Not as powerful as the desktop software, but a nice supplement.

Google App (Free) – Access All of your Google Apps in One Place

Dragon Dictation (Free) – Voice Recognition dictation software.

Mental Case Flashcard ($2.99) – Create yoru own flashcards. Check out the companion desktop application at Mental Case’s webpage.

Expedition VGA Browser ($0.99) – Supports VGA Projection while browsing the web

SPQR ($5.99) – A great Latin Application that includes: latin texts, dictionary, grammar quiz, etc.

Zinio (Free; Magazines Additional Cost) – Newstand reader of magazines. Beautiful reader, less expensive magazines, etc. See Zinio for a full list of their magazines (I highly recommend National Geographic).

Whiteboard VGA Out ($3.99) – A whiteboard app that is compatible with VGA.

MapProjector with Google Maps ($1.99) – Google Maps does not currently support VGA out. Get around that with this handy little application. Present live maps and satellite imagery from your iPad to a TV or projector! Map projector lets you save multiple maps with landmarks, and present them on the big screen.

Note Taker HD ($4.99) – A note taking application with VGA compatibility.

Papers ($14.99) – A repository for PDF articles (keep that JSTOR articles organized) and will sync with the desktop version of Papers (educational pricing available for students). You can highlight, take notes, and categorize your articles. Excellent for students and learners.

BBC News (Free) – BBC news reader.

USA Today (Free) – One of my favorite News Readers.

Reeder for iPad ($4.99) – My current favorite RSS Reader for the iPad. Syncs with google Reader, send to Instapaper, twitter, Facebook, etc.

WordPress for iPad (Free) – the current wordpress portable publisher. Honestly, not that fabulous, but if you’re on the go it’s tolerable in a pinch.

PBS for iPad (Free) – the official PBS application for iPad. View clips, read articles, and enjoy PBS on the go. Does support AirPlay.

Things for iPad ($19.99) – if you use iPad, iPhone, or Mac To Do lists, then you’ve heard of Culture Code’s Things. This app will sync with the iPhone and Desktop App (no cloud sync yet). Some people quibble about the price (legitimately). Still, it is the best To Do list out there for those of us that have multiple tasks and projects.

Star Walk for iPad ($4.99) – How do you describe Star Walk… man that’s hard. It’s like a portable astronomy theatre. You just have to take a look at it! View it on the iTunes store or their webpage.

Garage Band for iPad ($4.99) – Whether you’re a professional musician or an extreme novice, Garage Band is a great tool for toying around with music on the iPad or creating elaborate pieces.

World Book This Day in History (Free) – What happened today, net week, or on your birthday in history? It links with Wikipedia or the World Fact Book.

Notefile ($4.99) – simple note-taking device that syncs between your iOS devices and desktop widget.

Snagfilms (Free) – watch documentaries for free!

Mindmeister ($7.99) – if you have ever used Mindmeister, it’s a great collaborative tool. This is the portable, iPad version that you can use with your Mindmeister account.


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