Peruvian Visitors Arrive in Droves to See Repatriated Incan Artifacts

After a lengthy, vitriolic, and expensive legal battle with Yale University, the artifacts removed from Machu Picchu by Yale Archaeologist Hiram Bingham are receiving the first of many indigenous visitors. For the next few months, the arifacts, currently on display at Peru’s government palace at Lima, has hosted more than 100,000 visits since the artifacts began their repatriation in March of this year. Ultimately, Yale has promised to return 366 artifacts confiscated by Hiram Bingham between 1911-1914.

Upon the completion of their repatriation, the artifacts will be moved to their permanent residence, the old Incan Capital at Cusco on April 20. The Peruvian Government has been actively renovating their museum at Cusco to house the more fragile items (such as human remains) in preparation for their return (which many have argued should have happened years ago).

Native Peruvians will be granted free admission indefinately to view the artifacts.

To learn more about the contention between Yale University and the Peruvian Government, see N2NT- Latin American News in English The Huffington Post Andina – Peru News Agency in English

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