Why Tyler Doesn’t Ruin Radio

It was recently brought to my attention that in my last post on my Loveline, Southern California, potential serial killer adventures, that I left out a very important figure – Tyler White, better known as “Tyler Ruins Radio.” I think that he was also called “Petey” at some point, but I really don’t know… he was wearing a t-shirt that said Petey… But I digress.

However, the point of this addendum is that when Katy and I made our appearance at Westwood One (a.k.a. serial killer warehouse), we also met the lovely and witty Tyler White, former Loveline screener and current Tech Guru for the show (and numerous others). He was also quite the friendly and welcoming guy, even though we were clearly thrust upon him by his senior radio colleagues in spite of never having exchanging a tweet with me. He entertained my questions about his pending nuptials and was sure to throw in some amusing drops and germane commentary.

He was an integral character in mine and Katy’s Los Angeles adventures. However, I wonder if, with his online techy knowledge, he was truly the secret serial killer and with his non-chalante attitude was able to easily make us feel comfortable… suspicious.

My last point – he definitely does *not* ruin radio.

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