Zahi Hawass Gives a Candid Interview in this Month’s Biblical Archaeology Review

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am not a big fan of Zahi Hawass (Egypt’s Current Minister of State Antiquities). His scholarship is questionable at best, he panders to media sources, and his misogyny and anti-semetism are palpable.

“Zahi Hawass, the bombastic, clownish pseudo-archaeologist who has tyrannized, bullied, and manipulated Egyptologists and Egyptian Villagers alike for years now, today officially accepted President Hosni Mubarak’s appointment as Minister of State for Antiquities.”

While his position remains tentative in Egypt’s new government, he is still the most recognized face in Egyptian Archaeology today. I have seen only a handful of documentaries on Egyptology that have not at the least included, at the least, a a quote or an interview of Mr. Hawass.

This month’s Biblical Archaeology Review includes a lengthy and candid interview with archaeology’s most controversial living figure. You can read the entirety of the interview here. I’d be interested in hearing your views on this very public political and academic figure.

2 thoughts on “Zahi Hawass Gives a Candid Interview in this Month’s Biblical Archaeology Review

  1. Michelle Nelson

    Interesting take on studying the sciences, just read a book. I’m sorry sir, but in the science world, you need to get in the field and explore, experiment and learn from hands on. Yes reading and research are great. But research isn’t anything without the hands on. Like he said, you can read about the pyramids but until you see them, it’s different.
    Also, “they must make peace” thing got to me. Sounds like Wizard of Oz, “Not nobody, Not nohow!”

  2. Cameron Stewart

    Very interesting interview, I think Dr. Hawass is an arrogant ass. Its ironic in how he talks about peace, yet he refuses to budge, much less even talk to his opposition, like the Pharrohs of old. He calls himself an Archeologist, but I think first he is a politician. I can see where he comes from about wanting Egyptian artifacts back though. But I can also see the foreign museums not wanting to give back the artifacts. They may have been excavated in Egypt, gut that History is the World’s. Egypt was among the most important influential cultures in history and was the bread basket of the ancient world. The middle-east is in turmoil, the can not guarantee the protection of antiquities, The Afghan Museum, Baghdad, and Egypt have all shown this.


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