Can Egypt Protect its Antiquities and Monuments?

The recent upheaval in Egypt has brought to light the very serious problems of the looting of antiquities. This week, NewsWeek explores the issue of looting in Egypt and the future of its Antiquities:

Antiquities theft is as old as the pyramids, but never before has it so shocked Egyptians.

This is a long-standing problem, highlighted in the wake of the political upheaval in Egypt with no clear resolution or end in sight. See the article in NewsWeek for more on this topic.

What should be done to protect Egypt’s monuments? Here’s a list on which most Egyptologists agree: Consult with local and international agencies and specialists to develop and implement long-term management plans. Train on-site inspectors and give them greater responsibility. Design better security for sites and museums. Allocate more money for site conservation and documentation. Take a strong stand against commercial and political interests that threaten the monuments.

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