Reflections of my week at ASL – I not only Survived… I Thrived!

So, this is our last day at the Learning Institute at the American School of London led by our esteemed leader Leah Treesh. It seems like the week has flown by! I can’t believe I’ve been in London for six days. We learned a lot, it was definitely an intensive workshop and, looking back, I have a lot that I can take home with me.

At most of these Ed Tech seminars and workshops, I find that I don’t take a lot of ‘doing’ skills back home with me. I’m already pretty tech savvy and pretty comfortable with gadgets, hardware, and software (even if I’ve never seen it before). However, I felt like this one was geared towards all levels of familiarity and I found myself working hard and learning new things on regular intervals. At no point did I think “Done it… seen it.” My favorite element of this week has been that we have developed practical rather than theoretical concepts – I have some real ways that I can implement this into the classroom, not just ideas that I need to develop later. The reality is, I’m not that creative – I can be a little a bit. So I’m much better equipped when I can see how this has been employed elsewhere and then tweak it to make my own.

By far, the most excited I have gotten has been about Digital Storytelling. I’ll reiterate from a previous post, while I knew what it was and that it was out there (and seen a couple of examples), I hadn’t really considered its practical applications in my classroom or curriculum. However, really playing with the concepts, developing a lesson plan, and collaborating with colleagues, I’ve gotten very excited about its potential in my lessons. I’ve already got a few points in the curriculum in which it can be readily implemented and developed.

The other key components that I think myself and the TVS team (Jane Cooper and Karen Arrington) will be bringing back with us is a rationale and justification of our technological needs in the future at TVS. I’m hoping that the three of us will soon have a platform to present our ideas and practical needs. Our staff, colleagues, and administrators have been so supportive that I’m confident they will be with us as we move forward.


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