Indiana Jen and WordPress Are Formally Linked…

Due to overwhelmingly support (well 2 of the 3 votes rendered on my poll), I have decided to officially meld my wordpress and website under one account. It’s all Indiana Jen. So, if you put in your browser, it will come here. I’ve moved valid content over here.

So, that’s it. Indiana Jen is official – the blog content will remain the same: archaeology, history, technology, and education. For those of you who don’t know, Indiana Jones was an archaeologist, historian, teacher, and even played with new tech (that Ark of the Covenant was pretty tricky.

3 thoughts on “Indiana Jen and WordPress Are Formally Linked…

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      I don’t think that it will effect anyone on WordPress, more those who followed my regular site – but it will just direct them here. It was hosted on Apple’s Mobile Me which will become defunct in a few months. So, I made the leap. Decided to keep “Indiana Jen”, as for some reason *I* am not a household name… However, I also own and that just gets forwarded here. Hopefully all kinks are ironed…
      If you think of anything I should put on the ‘permanent’ page that I had on the old one, let me know. I moved over my podcasts and may add an ‘educational software’ permanent page – member the interactive museums. Still, I like the mobility of discussion and the regular updating that a blog demands (I got so lazy with my stand alone site) and everything changes so often. I guess I’ll let it grow organically.


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