TVS Tech Kids Days 2 & Prep for Day 3

So, Day 2 went forward more organized than Day 1. All of the kiddos came to school prepped for the day with email addresses and logins for the programs. One of them even brought me a hand-made duct-tape flower! It made my day!

I got really excited when I heard one of the girls talking to another student about Diigo and saying “It’s really cool! You can highlight stuff and make notes on it and bookmark it!” My boss even came by to get acquainted with some new technology (he got an iPad recently), which was very cool.

To see what my lesson plan was for today, check out my earlier post “TVS Tech Kids Day 1 & Prep for Day 2“. We only got through half of the lesson, maybe 60%. There were a few tech issues, which my friend Daniel Schneider (check out his blog for some cool math teaching stuff) warned me to expect. Largely, the tech issues were with the school computers which are 3-4 years old and in need of software updates, so they didn’t like playing with the Diigolet. There was also one issue with a student who had a computer from home but didn’t have admin privileges (they’re going to take care of that this evening).

Still, the kids all felt like they understood the basic concepts and were comfortable using it. Those that had some extra time, commented on the Mind Meister map (I’m attaching it below). However, once they discovered the chat feature a lot of info seemed to get lost in that exchange! I’m going to try to get them more involved in posting it out there!

Several of the students said they would continue to make edits this evening and that they were eager to play with it a bit more. We also had a very, very brief introduction to Evernote. In fact, I didn’t introduce it formally at all, I asked those kids who were ahead to go ahead and start playing with it. They seemed to like it more than Diigo. I’m hoping that once they get more familiar with it, they’ll see how these are two very different tools with different applications.

Tomorrow’s plan is to start with the unfinished Evernote lesson plan from today (which you can read about here). I’m hoping that we’ll have most of the kinks ironed out with the Tech and the few students using school computers will likely tag on with others students whose computers are more friendly with the application.

Next, I would like to introduce them to some Google Apps, especially Google Docs. Also, if you’re not aware, Google has a whole website dedicated to Google’s use in education (including lesson plans).

  1. Go to
  2. Click “sign in” on the top right of the screen
  3. On the top left of the screen click on “more” and then “even more”
  4. Take a look at the many different google tools that are available for you to play with! We’re going to start with Google Docs, but you can come back here to play with these other applications.
  5. Click on Google Docs or go to the address:
  6. Click on “Create New” and select “Document”
  7. Using the info we created in Diigo and Evernote, write up a very brief biography of Davy Crockett (50-100 words is more than enough). Don’t even bother to edit it – complete it typos, grammatical mistakes and all.
  8. On the top right, click on “Share” and enter your classmates email addresses (Mrs. Lockett will provide this list).
  9. Open your email and accept the shares from your classmates
  10. Start to read and edit your peers’ documents – we’re just trying to get familiar with the platform here, so don’t worry too much about your work here. Just do it! No one is getting a grade.
  11. If you finish early, head back to that list of Applications and play with them.
  12. Make sure that you go to the Mind Meister map and make edits!

I just started the Mind Meister map, but feel like I need more discussion points:

Instructions for Mobile Users:

  1. Download the Google App for your platform (iOS, Android, mobile Windows, etc)
  2. Open the Google application and select Google Docs – play with viewing and editing your documents (and others) on this platform. It will likely be a bit slower as you’re typing with your thumbs!
  3. If you finish with Google Docs, go back to the Apps platform and play around with them – check out the Google Goggles search feature (take photos and run them through search).

I’m anticipating a slower running classroom tomorrow and there’s lots more free activities for those students who are a bit ahead of the curve.

4 thoughts on “TVS Tech Kids Days 2 & Prep for Day 3

  1. Tim Freud

    Something you could do is to have them create a story that they all edit at the same time. Kind of like a mad ilb, but with technology. You can give them a prompt and then let them have at it.

    Give them something simple, i.e. share a document where the text says, “The other day when I was on my way home from school,” and you could assign students to write the 2nd paragraph, complete the first paragraph, write the third paragraph, etc. (3-5 sentences a piece? could be fun.)

    My job incorporates the use of a shared google document, you can see others adding to it–it’s pretty cool to see people editing stuff live.

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