Egyptian Archaeologist Zahi Hawass Leaves Post Amidst Controversy

Famed Egyptologist and Minister of Antiquities in Egypt, Zahi Hawass, is no longer serving in his governmental post. Whether he left or was fired is uncertain – sources are reporting both scenarios. The recent unrest in Egypt and the hostility towards the former Mubarak regime made his position tenuous. His close relationship with the Dictatorship made him a more polarizing and controversial figure in recent days.

Hawass is no newcomer to controversy. He has regularly been criticized for his fame-seeking and attention getting antics. His scholarship has also been called into question. His position became even more controversial as his ties to the Mubarak regime were questioned as well as his ability to truly conserve and protect Egypt’s antiquities.

Read more about the controversy surrounding his leaving office in this MSNBC article.


2 thoughts on “Egyptian Archaeologist Zahi Hawass Leaves Post Amidst Controversy

  1. Jim Wheeler

    Interesting but in hindsight hardly surprising. Backsheesh is a way of life in those parts of the world. In America it is common, but I hope not pervasive. Maybe old Zahi could get a position on Coast to Coast Radio. 😆

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      I agree, not really a surprise here – I was more shocked it didn’t happen sooner. Considering the highly political nature of this position (Egypt has a great deal at stake financially and socially with their antiquities) his successor will be… interesting…


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