Highlight of Product at the AP: ARTstor (sic)

ARTstor, in their own words, is “a nonprofit digital image library for teaching and research.”

The ARTstor Digital Library provides thousands of images related to American Studies ranging from colonial times to the present, including photography, architecture, decorative arts, graphic design, painting, and sculpture.

A subscription service, ARTstor provides students and non-commercial teachers to more than 1,000,000 images in the arts. You can search and bowse images and multimedia files, View, zoom, and pan details. Download up to 100 images at a time into PowerPoints, and use its many tools for annotating images, citations, and more.

ARTstor also works on Mac or PC, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. It is am image library that will aid all teachers who incorporate art, architecture, sculpture, photography, film, etc in their course.

ARTstor even publishes a series of YouTube videos on their ARTstor channel to help educators use their resources. This one walks you through the registration process:

It’s a great resource that any school with a solid art program should look at instituting. Also, be sure to follow them on tiwtter @ARTstor



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