Harvard Voices – iTunes U

“Harvard Voices” was originally prepared for the 350th Anniversary of the founding of Harvard College and has been updated for the 375th Anniversary in the fall of 2011. Excerpts from major addresses by public figures and creative artists, as well as the musings of notable Harvard scholars, are included. Acknowledgements Professor Richard Tarrant, narrator Jacqueline O’Neill, Sarah Speltz, Tara Benedict, editors Anthony Di Bartolo, Margaret Keyes, and Jerry McDonald, Production staff of the Department of Media Services Katherine Kogut, Kogut Productions, audio formatting and editing Gleb Sidorkin, reader of Solzhenitsyn selection Peter Katz, Office of the General Counsel Lucinda O’Neill, Cover art design For previous work in production of the 1986 edition of “Harvard Voices” we acknowledge Richard M. Hunt, Donald Bacon, Michael Milburn, Linda Beyer, Jeffrey Martini, Barry Megquier, the Woodberry Poetry Room, Non-print Media Archive of the Modern Language Center, and the Cabot Science Library.

Download the series for free by clicking here.

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