Recent Grads Say High School Wasn’t Challenging Enough (via

A recent article at asserts that recent high school grads recognize that their High School classes were not challenging enough to prepare them for college and/or the ‘real world.’ See the article:

Recent Grads Say High School Wasn’t Challenging Enough

What high school student doesn’t love the idea of selecting a course based on the common knowledge the teacher is totally laidback and you’re guaranteed an easy A without much effort? We’ve all been there before and with all the classes high school students are required to take, many attempt to pack their electives with cushy classes before the reality of challenging college courses set in. But at what cost? According to a survey of 2010 high school graduates released by the College Board, 90 percent said their high school diplomas were not enough to compete in today’s society.

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1 thought on “Recent Grads Say High School Wasn’t Challenging Enough (via

  1. James R. Wheeler

    As you probably know, Jennifer, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. The meme for pampering has been on the rise so far as I can tell ever since WWII and is pervasive throughout American society. (Whether it is true of other countries is unknown to me. ??) It is even true in the Armed Forces. The last time I was in a Naval Reserve facility I observed pictures of various units on the walls and darned if every one of them seemed to have a chest full of medals that would make Sergeant York blush.

    Private schools like yours are likely the last bastion of hope.



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