Myths of the Moon Missions

In advance of the upcoming film Apollo 18, a Sci-Fi Horror flick based on the cancelled Apollo 18 mission, Discovery News has released a collection of famous “Moon Mission Myths.” Like most Americans, I grew up in awe and admiration of the American Space Program. To learn more about NASA’s missions to the Moon and the myths and realities associated with it, click here and learn why Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon or who invented the multi-million dollar “space pen.”

1 thought on “Myths of the Moon Missions

  1. Jim Wheeler

    In catching up I read your link here, Jen, and found it very interesting. I especially liked the item about the “space pen”. How ironic that pencils would have worked as well! And guess what, they would have weighed less too. There is a profound lesson here.


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