Nuclear Physicists on the Hunt for “Lost da Vinci” Painting

Preparatory Sketh for Battle of Anghiari

Nuclear physicists are actively hunting for Leonardo da Vinci’s famous lost painting, the “Battle of Anghiari.” The historical Battle of Anghiari took place in 1440 between Milan and the Republic of Florence. Leonardo was commissioned to record the historic event in 1504 by Nicollo Machiaveli for one of his Florentine patrons. The painting is referenced not only in legal papers (signed by the infamous statesman himself) as well as in Da Vinci’s own notebooks – including several preparatory sketches and studies.

Many scholars believe that the painting still exists hidden underneath later frescoes in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. Physicists have developed a special camera capable of taking photographs through a five-foot thick wall in the hopes of identifying the painting without damaging the existing paintings.

To learn more about the investigation and development of this technology, see this article on FoxNews.


1 thought on “Nuclear Physicists on the Hunt for “Lost da Vinci” Painting

  1. sharmans18

    So up today, the leonardi da vinci painting hasn’t been found? Wow.. How is it truly known to be under Pallazzo Vecchio? Have physicists proved this? Wow.. paintings of fine art seem to be hidden from the public from time to time. This being said, I am referring back to the Mona Lisa painting theft.


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