Two Maya Royal Burials Discovered

Archaeologists have recently uncovered two royal burials at Nakum, a Mayan archaeological site in Guatemala. The tombs date to 1,300 and 2,000 BP and filled with various luxuries (such as gold, jade, and elite pottery).

These are the first royal burials discovered at Nakum, once a large and densely populated Mayan site. The full details of the burials are described in the September Issue of Antiquity.

You can read more about the burials and see the amazing photographs in this article of National Geographic.

4 thoughts on “Two Maya Royal Burials Discovered

  1. norm

    Nakum was one of the highlights of my last trip to Guatemala, it is at the end of a rutted up jungle road that passes through some very nice second growth trees. They have a crew of at least twenty men rebuilding and uncovering the site. The interesting part of Nakun was that its building styles were both Tikal and Calkmul. The city was a major player in the conflict between Tikal and Calkmul. Love the Maya posts!

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      Thank you for contributing! Saldy, when I was in Central America there was a great deal of civil unrest so I was unable to visit Guatamala. I’ve seen the Mayan sites of Belize and Mexico, but Guatamala is still on my bucket list.

  2. norm

    Guatemala is getting some bad press right now, tourism is down. The money behind the drug wars in Mexico is starting to cause problems with the political system there. Antigua had some tourists get cut up by a couple of hoods and the reason cited was posturing before the national election that just passed. True-who knows.I drove a rental all over the country 18 months ago and had not one problem, other than illness from food bugs. I’m planning a trip for about 18 months from now to see the river sites along the Reo Usumacinta. Latin America is changing fast, I’m trying to see the back country before Walmart moves in…

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