The Problem With Kids These Days… It’s Their Music

The other day, I had a few students hanging out in my office (I am a floating teacher, I have no room to call home, so I have a small office in the library). They were sharing with me their music and I was horrified. “Why?” You ask? “Was it loud? Obnoxious? Laced with profanities? Encouraging violence? Complaining about the world around them? Promoted a message against ‘the man’?” No! It was none of that! In fact, I would say that it was wholesome, unobtrusive, inoffensive, easy to follow, melodic… in short, drivel.

Call me old fashioned, but part of being a teenager is being rebellious, bucking the ‘status quo,’ annoying your parents and everyone else over 21. The music of today’s youth represents none of that. I think they even use it to bond with their parents as opposed to rebel. A few of my student even gleefully told me stories of how they went to concerts with their parents. Horrifying. Of course, that may also be because going to a concert these days costs a small fortune.

When I was a teenager, half of my music tastes were solely to annoy my parents. I poured my babysitting money into cassettes as my mother continuously destroyed them believing that they were literally satanic. Kids these days have never even heard of a cassette or an 8-track… I listened to angry rockstars sing about love, the establishment, warfare, dropping out of school, fighting for your right to party, or any myriad of things that angered the older generation (the only requirement). I remember when I purchased Ice T’s iconic classic “Cop Killer.” Did I mention that my father had worked his way through Law School as a police officer? That went over well…

So, what is wrong with the world today? I propose that it is the music of ‘the kids these days.’ It’s their music. It has no marker of rebellion, anger, or discontent that marked the youth of my generation. Buck it up children!

11 thoughts on “The Problem With Kids These Days… It’s Their Music

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      I kind of hope so. I look at the state of education, student loan debt, tax hikes, potential loss of safety nets (especially late in life, when most of us are unable to work)… it’s going to effect them more than anyone else.

  1. Michelle

    Did you really have to post the picture of Justin Bieber? Too add to your list of people I listed to just to piss mom off-NWA! That was a joy of hardcore sex and swearing. Nothing positive in those lyrics!

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      Me too!! Well, by the time I could afford it they had broken up, so it was Eazy-# and Ice Cube and such.

  2. Doug Carey

    Nope, it was the summer of 1996, not yet in college. What 60s group wasn’t involved in rampant drug abuse?

    BTW, your mom vehemently denies ever destroying any of your cassettes (but that could be the early onset Alzheimers.) She does remember taking your brother and a girl to a New Kids on the Block concert and sitting with you away from your brother.

    BTW I really enjoy your blog.


    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      Mom destroyed so much of my music! Especially the rap albums. She also tore up my GNR/Metallica concert tickets. Ask Bill how many times he bought NWA’s album!
      Mom Did take Bill to New Kids, but I was never a fan. To be honest, I think that Bill only was because of the girl involved 😉


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