My First Archaeological Dig

When I was 19 years old, I ventured into the jungles of Central America to excavate a Mayan Site. It was a Classic, Late-Classic Site located at Chan Chich outside of Gallon Jug. It was when I fell in love with archaeology and field work (one of the few things I miss from my times in academia). It was also when I knew that I did not want to work in the jungles of Central America. Have you seen the size of their spiders? I mean, seriously? They’re huge! Also, they have one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, a Fer-de-Lance. Our site was over run with them and I killed at least two with my machete (yes – I own a machete and I know how to use it – properly). Recently, I uncovered a couple of pictures from my first field work. I have decided to post them, even though they’re incredibly unflattering (terrible clothes, no makeup, covered in sweat and grime). Still, they remind me of good times!

9 thoughts on “My First Archaeological Dig

  1. norm

    Linda, my wife, and I are putting a trip together for the December 21, 2012 Maya calender event. We’re looking at Mixco Viejo in the Guatemalan highlands. I’ll have a car but if we get enough people, we’ll rent a minibus for the trip into the ruin. (two – three hours north of Antigua) The big show will be at Tikal but I’m sure it will be a zoo. Something to think about…

      1. amirazara

        Sadly I actually looked all over walmart for fashionable ones… no luck. I have a reputation at my university for being “trendy” and walking into class dressed this way was interesting to say the least. ha ha good times.

  2. Jim Wheeler

    You are fortunate that the visit didn’t damage your health, Jen, because the tropics are full of bad diseases. Charles Darwin was one whom that happened too, I learned last year, and it affected his health for the rest of his life. Also, I had an uncle in the oil business and he caught hepatitis in South America – it almost killed him. But I’m grateful for the brave archeologists who are willing to go and write about it for me!

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      I was on a lot of preventative drugs – anti-malarials and such. I also had to get a load of vaccines (all the Heps, yellow fever, etc). All the same, I did bring home some type of intestinal parasite that took about 6 months to kill.

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