My Student Uses Digital Story Skills to Solve the World Problems!

Recently, our Director of Global Initiatives, Michael Roemer, Ph.D. issued a challenge to our children: “Is the World Capable of sustaining 10 billion people (a number we are anticipated to reach in the near future). My student answered the challenge with her own video response:

Congratulations young lady! I’m so proud to be your teacher!


4 thoughts on “My Student Uses Digital Story Skills to Solve the World Problems!

  1. Paul Price

    Very well done, but being the scientist I worry about you tube references (in general). I will throw out the LA question to our physics class and see if they agree with it (this sort of problem is a Ferrmi question we ponder all the time). The 1% comment about water is an interesting one as well…… There are a number of excellent science questions this whole video post brings up, but it has my vote in answer to Dr. Rormer’s question. Send along my congratulations.

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      You know, I believe that the YouTube citations are because she sampled from other videos. I know she did the scientific investigation herself. Keep in mind that she’s also a 14 year old girl who pulled this together in a few days! Wait til you have her in Chem. She’ll blow you away!

  2. Deborah Bright

    Hello, Jen! Greetings from Southwest Florida!

    Your comment above answered one question I had about this terrific piece of work, which is how old the student is. I’d also love to know what she used to produce the piece–is she working on an iPad? what’s the application/platform?

    Congratulations to you and to your student! Very exciting!

    Deborah Bright
    The Community School of Naples
    Naples, FL


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