Students Using MindMeister as a Study Tool

Recently, our school purchased a license to an amazing Mind Maping application called MindMeister. If your’e not familiar with it, MindMeister is a mind-mapping, brainstorming, and collaborating tool. This is finals week. I just got an email from a couple of my students telling me that they were collaboratively studying for the test via a MindMeister map and sent me an invite. Here is what I saw (or a portion of it, it won’t all fit on the screen).

They were using the tool to collaboratively work on their review sheet, exchange information and ideas, and correct one another’s mistakes – all from their own homes. One student even told me: “This is actually making studying more fun, and not as much of a drag.”

Looking through, they’re doing some real work here. Very impressive – and anything that makes studying less painful, I’m in favor of!

14 thoughts on “Students Using MindMeister as a Study Tool

  1. Bainbridge

    This is quite an interactive study tool. It is a bubble map that can be modified from any computer with internet connection, or even on the iPhone. It takes some of the weight off of studying because we get to collaborate with our friends, yet we still learn the material nicely. I am appreciative that Mrs. Lockett has given us this option. Thanks!

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  3. tvmotel

    Well just did a quick search and found a open source free ware mind mapping software. It does not like you edit collaboratively , but it is still cool if you want to do your own personal mind mapping.

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      Yes do! It’s absolutely awesome!
      If you contact them directly, they may give you a temporary account so that you can play with it. Plus, the educational pricing is amazing (a fraction of business), so contact them directly!

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