Elaborate Roman Helmet Displayed After Nine Years of Restoration

An elaborate Roman helmet, after nine years of restoration, finally goes on display at the British Museum. The helmet dates to approximately 43 CE, around the time of the Roman invasion of Britain and supports the idea that the Romans were able to recruit local Celts to fight on their side.

“We normally think of the Roman conquest of Britain as Romans versus us. Here you probably have a situation where local Britons are fighting on the Roman side.”

After nine years of restoration, the Hallaton helmet will go on display and help archaeologists to further understand the complex relationship of the Romans and native Britons.

To read more about this discovery, see the article in the BBC News and at MSNBC.

4 thoughts on “Elaborate Roman Helmet Displayed After Nine Years of Restoration

  1. aponr

    That would make a lot of sense, kind of like the Persians having Greek mercenaries.
    I like your Archaeology entries a lot, so I grant you with the Versatile Blogger Award

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