15 Opportunities for Free Online Education

A reader just forwarded me an interesting article entitled “15 Inspiring Examples of Free Online Education” by OnlineCollege.org. They list a number of gems ranging from online open academies, free resources, and courses offered by world-renowned institutions. They are geared towards beginners, early learners, returning students, and advanced levels of education:

  1. Khan Academy
  2. MIT Open Courseware
  3. Berkeley Webcast
  4. Tufts Open Courseware
  5. Open Courseware Consortium
  6. Academic Earth
  7. Textbook Revolution
  8. Project Gutenberg
  9. iTunes U
  10. The Open University
  11. Watch, Know, Learn
  12. The University of the People
  13. TED
  14. Wikiversity (I’m trying to find the time to be a contributed here)
  15. Instructables

You can find some wonderful information on nearly any topic, free books, supplements for student learning, and more!

15 thoughts on “15 Opportunities for Free Online Education

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      There are some really awesome and free resources out there! I love iTunes U (especially the new app – I need to write about that) because you can have your students who are in college prep classes listen to, say, a lecture from Stanford or you can go to their specialized K-12 section and use those lessons and formats. Great for those looking at “flipped classrooms.”

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