ISAS Biennial Conference – the ISAS President’s Welcome

Michael Maher

First and foremost, allow me to thanks he wonderful organizing committee of the ISAS Biennial Teacher Conference for their on the spot problem solving and creativity. In my packing fervor, I did not include my laptop stand (thinking tables would be readily available). If you’re unfamiliar with Apple “laptops,” well, there’s a reason they’re officially called “portable computers.” As I didn’t want to sustain 3rd degree burns in the name of education – I asked them to hunt me down a surface (any hard surface) on which to write. After a few minutes of their solving my really, not too critical issue for the conference problem, they pulled out a music stand and voila! My lap is saved and my laptop work shall continue. Hurrah!

After a lovely lunch and communicating with like-minded colleagues we gathered in the worship center (a massive and gorgeously designed auditorium) at Houston’s First Baptist School. We were welcomed by Michael Maher, President of the ISAS and Head of School at the esteemed John Cooper School in the Woodlands.

He welcomed us to the 2012 Conference entitled “Teaching Matters.” He laid out the fact that 970 administrators and teachers had registered with the conference – a stunning feat for a small, independent school arena in a down economy. He highlighted the hard work of the committee members and what we will be doing over the course of the next day. He thanked the teachers for their hard work at great sacrifice.


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