The Do It Yourself Scholar

The 14 new free online courses from Stanford University are getting underway this month at a website called Coursera. For those who missed the initial announcement, these are non-credit courses, which let you watch short videos and take embedded quizzes. If you sign up, do the homework and take exams, you will also a letter of completion signed by the course’s instructors.

The new website doesn’t use the Stanford logo, although most of the instructors are from Stanford. Some online reports say that Coursera is part of a new company founded by Stanford professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, a lot like the Udacity site founded by Stanford computer scientist Sebastian Thrun.

You can get a taste of what will be on offer at Coursera by looking at these preview videos from the course on Model Thinking, taught by political scientists Scott Page of the University of Michigan. The…

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