My Second Attempt at Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

I played with digital storytelling in the classroom first semester and it went so well, I decided to do it again this semester as a project grade. To see my first experiment, see my previous post: “My First Attempt at Employing Digital Storytelling in the Classroom.” I followed along similarly to my first attempt but made a few minor adjustments. For example:

  • Students were given a list of potential topics (a person, an event, etc) and had to sign up for one, no two students could present on the same topic.
  • I modified my grading rubric.
  • I emailed the parents in advance to let them know we would be working on this project.

Overall, yet again, the students amazed me with their dedication and hard work. As per usual, we had a few technical difficulties (but far fewer this time than the last). I was also excited to see students helping one another to resolve their problems. Students who really struggled with the technology last semester seemed to be the ones most excelled this time around. I did this project for both my Ancient History and US History classes, so I will include some examples for each.

Here were the instructions for my Freshmen Ancient History Class:

And here are the instructions for the Civil War Project (pretty similar)

The students were also given a copy of the grading rubric in advance:

The students did a great job. Here are some great examples:

After the students finished their projects, we watched them in class. I also included questions from all of their projects on the next quiz. As a small extra-credit opportunity, they were encouraged to comment on their classmates’ videos.


5 thoughts on “My Second Attempt at Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

  1. Robert Connolly

    Very cool. I am always impressed with what students can produce with a bit of structure and then turned loose. I think about what happens when these things are done. Do they just go away? Can they live on in some digital format. Here is an idea I saw first a couple of year’s ago – the idea of a digital museum box where you can load up images, videos, text. Not certain how much use this has actually gotten. When cruising their site, it seems lots of folks get started, but not a lot of follow through. Here is a good discussion:

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