Students With iPads Out-Perform their Peers on Tests

With the introduction of the iPad, educators and administrators have been eager to see its potential for application in the realm of education and academics. Abilene Christian University has pioneered an aggressive mobile technology program in higher education (a first of its kind) for the past three years and is about to publish some rather surprising and positive results.

Namely, their findings that in undergraduate study, researchers state:

students who annotated text on their iPads scored 25% higher on questions regarding information transfer than their paper-based peers. In a separate project covering iPad usage patterns, two researchers studying ACU’s first all-digital class discovered that the iPad promotes “learning moments” and helps students make more efficient use of their time. Grad students working in an online program reported a 95% satisfaction rate for online iPad-based coursework. As far as the ACU studies are concerned, the iPad in education is a success story.

To learn more about the study, see the article TUAW and AppAdvice.

2 thoughts on “Students With iPads Out-Perform their Peers on Tests

  1. Jim Wheeler

    Being not only a geezer bur a bit of a techno-geek I got an iPad for Christmas. I couldn’t resist. Thus far the app I have most liked is, surprisingly, the one for Time Magazine. I found that the online version is free to print subscribers, and the app is free too. Time has configured it in a very imaginative way with easy navigation by small-page icons or instantly to the table of contents. Occasionally there will be pop-ups for diagrams or charts.

    I don’t see the iPad as revolutionary but it is surely a great tool for capturing the interest of young people, and the quality of the thing is simply amazing. Photos could hardly be better and navigation is virtually intuitive. If there is a downside, I think it is that all its apps provide an on-going source of distraction. But never mind that, the iPad is here to stay, IMO.

    BTW, I continue to be impressed with Time Magazine, not because of its app but the sheer quality of its journalism, both writing and photography. At a time in the digital age when there seems to be an over-abundance of information Time is going out and getting real news, and the quality of their opinion writers blows me away too. I highly recommend it.


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