Using Google Earth to View 3D Images of Buildings and the Amazon

There is no doubt that Google Earth is one of the great, innovative, and creative educational resources of the decade… no, the century. If you have followed the history of archaeology, for example, you will see what Google Earth has accomplished in less than a decade what survey archaeologists could not do with decades of attempts!

A new release of Google Earth expands on its 3D capabilities and provides new tours of exotic locations – expanding on its already thorough project (Rome 3D created by my old graduate school Professor Bernie Frischer is my favorite).

To learn more about the advances and these tools, see the great blog article at “Free Tech for Teachers – 3D Buildings & Tours of the Amazon on Google Earth.” And while you’re there, subscribe to this innovative blog!

3 thoughts on “Using Google Earth to View 3D Images of Buildings and the Amazon

    1. Jennifer Carey Post author

      These don’t tend to be ‘live’ images (especially the 3D ones). They are recorded stills that are then blended together for 3D ‘tours’ and imaging. It’s not the Big Brother everyone having a video camera on them. There are few places with live webcams and they’re stationary and don’t tend to be that great – especially as they require regular maintenance and a lot of money to hire personnel to review the images.
      Does that help to calm your fears a little bit?


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