Construction Workers Find Largest Hoard of Roman Coins in England

Construction workers laying ground for a new hotel in the region of Roman Bath hit upon the largest hoard of Roman coins ever uncovered in England. The hoard contains more than 30,000 silver pieces dating to around 270 CE. This time period coincides with withdrawal of the Roman Empire from the frontier and waves of “barbarian” invasions on the island. In a time before banks, rapid burials of ones personal assets was common (and if the owner didn’t return for some reason, they are regularly found by construction workers and treasure hunters with metal detectors).

The coins at some point were exposed to extreme heat and are fused together – making precise dating and identification difficult.

“Conservators at the British Museum are taking a whole year to do the work. There are believed to be more than 30,000 coins, making this one of the fifth largest hoards ever found in Britain and the largest from a Roman town,”

To learn more about the discovery and its significance, read the blog post on Discovery News.


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