Death Toll of the American Civil War Higher Than Previously Thought

Andersonville Cemetery courtesy of Wikipedia

The American Civil War was the most devastating American Conflict in our history. New research indicates that the death toll was significantly higher than previously determined.

“The Civil War left a culture of death, a culture of mourning, beyond anything Americans had ever experienced or imagined,” David Blight, Yale University.

Previous estimates had put the death toll at around 620,000 (with most dying from infection and disease). New research puts than number at 750,000 (more than 21% higher than previous determinations). These findings are published in in the December 2011 issue of Civil War Magazine by Dr. David Hacker.

To learn more about the new research, see the article listed above or the briefer article on at BBC News.


2 thoughts on “Death Toll of the American Civil War Higher Than Previously Thought

  1. norm

    I looked up the death count for my Mom’s hometown for the Civil War when I was in school. The numbers worked out to about half the men from a ten year birth cycle. Her Great Grandfather came back missing part of a leg and some fingers but he came back. The numbers for the first enlistments were grim, 90% from that township that enlisted at the first, were killed or died while away from the township. Ashtabula county was an anti-slavery hot bed before the war, its young men paid in blood the price of freedom.

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