Setting Up an Online Tutorial Community

This is my second year working with Professional Learning Practices and are group is looking at finishing up our project in the next couple of weeks. Not sup rising, we have hit a few snags (working with colleagues all across the country will do that to you). We are trying to put together a mentoring network. As I’m the only one with High School Age Kiddos, I’m hoping that my students can serve to mirror proper Digital Citizenship and provide some basic instruction/tutorial to elementary age students. A few of them put together some very short (1-2 minute) videos of concepts and topics. Here are some examples:

Writing in Complete Sentences:

Writing Topic Sentences

Possessive Nouns

Working in Teams

Writing in complete sentences

I have a few others – all very creative and invested. I’m so proud of my kids!

7 thoughts on “Setting Up an Online Tutorial Community

  1. colleenkr

    Your students were great! I can see why you were proud. Good for them! Have you found that it makes a difference if they know they’re ‘presenting’ their work to a wider audience?

    1. Jennifer Carey Post author

      Oh yes, having a directed audience (other than me) seem to direct them to be more entertaining! They also knew that the audience was elementary school kids, which I think made the experience less intimidating. This was a small sampling, I have a few more – they’re all just great.

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