Using Infographics in the Classroom… Maybe?

Infographic Made with Venngage

I have posted before of my desire to employ Infographics in the Classroom (see my previous post, “Lesson Idea – Infographics“). However, my previous research and self attempts indicated that the production of Infographics was not easy… and thus, not that fun. I think that they can be a great way for students to develop and publish their research visually – incorporating research and creativity in a great way. However, I simply could not come up with an effective tool of rolling it out in the classroom.

I recently, however, came across a great article “10 Fun, Easy Tools to Make Your Own Infographics.” They several tools (8 web based, 1 PC only, and 1 iPhone!). Most are free (the iPhone App Photostats is only $1). I have gone and signed up for these services, and can’t wait to play with them. Hopefully, my students can start employing them this year (or perhaps next).

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