The iPad Classroom – Creation

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The afternoon session was focused on ‘creation,’ something that I struggle with in my classrooms. I will admit that I often struggle with using the iPad as a creation device. Rather, I view it as a consumption device. I often do Digital Storytelling in my classes and recognize its value. There are many ways to create multimedia on the iPad: Edited Videos/Digital Stories, Audio Recording, as well as Screen Casting.

As with all technological apps, the more features the higher the learning curve (and the price). One of the new applications I was introduced to was Explain Everything (a screen capturing program). It is incredibly flexible and versatile for accessing content – you can access from DropBox, Evernote, WebDav, or even a Web Browser. When you complete the program, there are a myriad of options for exporting your story (either as a movie or a project).

My group and I created a video using Explain Everything – it was surprisingly easy to use. With only 30 minutes, we created a short 60 second film with relative ease. As a screen capture piece of software, it is excellent and would be great for recording step-by-step instructions or perhaps flipping a classroom. However, I find iMovie better for producing a professional, clean looking final (filmed) video.


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