The iPad Classroom – Curation

Using the iPad as a curator for information is also instrumental in education. It’s not a simple note-taker, rather it’s a tool for storage, organization, search ability, and more. If used effectively, the iPad can be a powerful instrument for curating material. Tom Daccord demonstrated curative abilities of the iPad focusing on Note Taking.

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Again here, as mentioned in my earlier post on the iPad in the Classroom, we highlighted the need first and then chose applications to fit our needs. While I personally like to use iAnnotate, a very powerful yet expensive ($9.99) annotation tool, there are many inexpensive alternatives that will more than meet the needs of educators and students. In this course, we used a program called Notability (only $0.99). Of course, the best way to learn is by doing, so we were given a list of annotation tasks and simply played with the program!

Whenever I roll out a new program in the classroom, I set up a scavenger hunt for my students – they must complete a list of activities and then submit to me (for a grade of course). The great things about PDF annotation in documents is that not only can you to write notes and highlight, but also insert pictures, screen shots, videos, web clips, audio notes, and more. You can truly create a multimedia note document.

My favorite way to use annotation documents in my classroom is to provide my PowerPoint presentations in PDF form to the students in advance. They can then download them into a PDF annotation document and make their own annotated and multimedia classroom notes. Unfortunately, I don’t think that many of them take advantage of this tool. I’m working on it though 😉

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