The iPad Classroom – The Cloud

Another element highlighted in this conference is the value and usability of “the cloud.” Cloud computing alongs syncing and/or sharing across devices and platforms. Some of the most popular programs are DropBox, Evernote, and Google Drive.

Cloud computing makes portability and collaboration much easier as you can access and share information “on the go.” Our presenter cautioned, however, against using cloud computing elements on shared devices as this can cause security risks.

Still, cloud computing programs allow students to share and submit materials to their instructor instantaneously. Some cloud programs permit collaboration. Google Drive is the most famous example, which will allow individuals to collaborate and co-edit the same document. This is a great tool for revisions and edits. I have written extensively about using DropBox in the classroom in an article featured at KQED Mindshift and Voices from the Learning Revolution. I use it as a tool for distributing content to my students as well as for them to submit large, digital projects to me.

For schools more interested in sustainability and conservation, cloud computing can help schools to achieve a goal of going paperless.

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