Lee Harvey Oswald’s Apartment Demolished

Lee Harvey Oswald courtesy of Wikipedia

Lee Harvey Oswald courtesy of Wikipedia

The apartment complex where Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin that killed President Kennedy, lived has been demolished today. Many Dallas residents wanted the building to be preserved and restored as an historical monument. The courts, however, disagreed and as of 8:40 am today, the condemned building has been demolished.

To learn more about the story, see the article on NBC Dallas.


2 thoughts on “Lee Harvey Oswald’s Apartment Demolished

  1. Jim Wheeler

    This was a good decision in my opinion. I think people are too much into celebrity watching. But this did remind me of reading Stephen King’s novel, 11/22/1963 a few month’s ago. If that account was accurate, Oswald’s apartment was a shabby thing, albeit redolent of great tragedy. I also was against turning the Dallas School Book Depository into a museum but the last I heard it was thriving.


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