Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal of Teaching & Technology

My boyfriend, who knows and kindly tolerates my passions in education, recently linked to me an amazing resource that I cannot believe has escaped my notice until now: Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal of Teaching & Technology. The one of a kind community promotes academic involvement, innovative peer-review, and real-time and invested participation from its community. See it’s “Call for Participation” Below:

Call for Participation:

Hybrid Pedagogy is an open-access journal that
: connects discussions of critical pedagogy, digital pedagogy, and online pedagogy;
: brings higher education teachers into conversation with K-12 teachers and the open education community;
: considers our personal and professional hybridity;
: disrupts distinctions between students, teachers, and learners;
: explores the relationship between pedagogy and scholarship;
: invites its audience to participate in (and be an integral part of) the peer review process;
: and thus interrogates (and makes transparent) academic publishing practices.Hybrid Pedagogy presents a new academic publishing model influenced by digital culture. As a scholarly journal, we encourage participation in the composition and peer review of articles across disciplinary and professional boundaries. In lieu of a more traditional “call for submissions,” Hybrid Pedagogy requests authentic engagement with our community and its methods. We invite provocation, experimentation, and improvisation.To participate in the community, you can: 
1. Read the most recent articles featured on the home page. For more information on the project of the journal, start withHybridity, pt. 3: What Does Hybrid Pedagogy Do?.
2. Comment on the articles, which are meant to be the start to productive conversations and not static reservoirs. This is an integral component of our review process, letting authors see what questions and further thinking their articles generate.
3. Participate in our regularly scheduled #digped chat on Twitter. Or search #digped for the archive of recent conversations about digital pedagogy.
4. Tweet relevant digital and pedagogical media from across the web to @hybridped.
5. Follow @hybridped@jessifer@allistelling@rswharton@slamteacher, and our contributing authors and editors. You can also find us on Facebook.
6. Visit our concordance of digital tools, which offers a growing annotated list of pedagogical tools discussed within the journal and/or recommended by contributors.
7. Share Hybrid Pedagogy content across your own personal learning networks.
8. Help support the work of the journal.

We look for material that explores the space between progressive pedagogy and digital culture, whether in physical or virtual environments. We’re open to publishing anything related (even loosely) to digital and analog pedagogy, including multimedia work, scholarly essays, anecdotal narratives, and practical tips.

If you’d like to contribute something to the journal, you should:
1. Participate on the pages of the journal, joining the conversation by engaging with other contributors.
2. Compose an 800 – 1200 word article in a Google Doc with hyper-links built-in.
3. Send an email to Jesse and Pete at hybridped@gmail.com introducing yourself and your relationship to the ideas of the journal. Include a link to the document that we can open and comment upon (if you give us editing privileges, we can also make small non-substantive corrections).
4. Be prepared to engage with the community of readers who will respond to your work.

Finally, if you’d like to participate as a member of our Editorial Collective:
1. Build a practice of commenting on the articles published on the site.
2. Participate in the discussion forum designed for specific journal or community issues.
3. Solicit article submissions from your network of colleagues and students.
4. Contact us at Jesse and Pete at hybridped@gmail.com to learn how else you can contribute.

I have now added them to my newsfeed, begun reading their articles, and hope to be submitting more substantive content in the near future. Be sure that you check out the Journal here and follow them on twitter!

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