Smithsonian Online Exhibit: Separate is *not* Equal

ATM-Object-Greensboro-Woolworth-lunch-counter-631February is Black History Month and the National Museum of American History is marking the event with its online exhibit: Stories of Freedom & Justice. As this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Greensboro, NC Woolworth sit-in, the event has taken a special place at the Smithsonian.

The online exhibit includes numerous stories, first hand accounts, and images from that fateful event in which four young African-American college students sat at a “white’s only” lunch counter and refused to move, sparking a six month movement that would ultimately pave the way for Civil Rights in the state of North Carolina.

To learn more about the Civil Rights movement in America, to see more images and/or videos, and to access teaching resources, see the online exhibit.

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