The Impact of Vaccines on Childhood Illness

Vaccines have been controversial for the last decade or so. While many will continue to debate their value, one element about vaccines cannot be argued: They have had a profound impact on childhood illness and mortality. See the infographic below that identifies the morbidity rates of various childhood diseases (pre and post vaccine). The infographic was created and posted on, see the details here.



2 thoughts on “The Impact of Vaccines on Childhood Illness

  1. Jim Wheeler

    A very worthwhile post, Jennifer. I think most people are aware of the trend over the past couple of decades of parents fearing that vaccines might promote autism, an attitude apparently deriving from the published work of a British doctor in a respected journal. It is an enduring urban myth now, no matter that the doctor has been banished from practice and the article disavowed. Despite my objections my son steadfastly refuses to get flu vaccinations for our grandchildren, although he does get the others. Word-of-mouth urban legends are amazingly powerful and we need to do all we can to expose them. Thanks for helping.

    1. Jennifer Carey Post author

      I whole heartedly agree. We had a whooping cough outbreak here because so many parents refused to vaccinate. Vaccinations and antibiotics have had the single most profound impact on child mortality rates around the World.


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